Issues Facing the District and Our State


Explosive Population Growth and impacts on Affordable Housing in the face of Labor / Material Shortages due to hurricane Harvey

Suburban Sprawl and Unregulated Land Uses (quarry pits) over pristine Hill Country land and Edwards Aquifer recharge areas  -- we need to give our counties more regulatory control of platting and permitted land uses.

The need to address water supplies with brackish Desalination Plants and to promote sustainable development nearby

Traffic Congestion and the need to Diversify our Transportation Systems -- we need to spend monies on a commuter rail, not more highways, as well as connecting thoroughfares with bike lanes that connect neighborhoods to new transit stations.

Public Education Funding & a Reorganization of our Educational Delivery Operations along with Property Tax Reform -- both should be addressed simultaneously. 

Address our State's budget shortfall of $8 billion dollars this budget cycle by creating a 'Balance Human Needs Budget' Focused Collaborations with Non Profits and the Private Sector to Address All our Needs -- From the Basic, Health, Consumer, and the Arts. 

Out of Control Higher Education Tuition Costs and Student Fees, Athletic Programs and Student Loan Practices

Pending US Census and Redistricting - Gerrymandering - that will be addressed the first year in office

Health, Elder, Mental and Child Care and Bankruptcy Prevention Programs

De-Privatization of State Criminal Justice System and Allowing Local Police to Focus on Crime

Intelligent Border Protection at ALL Ports of Entry and Allowing A Path to Citizenship

Over Regulation of Small Locally Owned Businesses and working with Chambers of Commerce to promote locally owned businesses that contribute to the region's 'Base Economy'

Consumer Protection from Financial, Credit and Insurance Practices -- No More Surprise Billing

Not Too Soon - Family Safety Regulations regarding Semi Automatic Weapons and address the Gun Show Loophole and Boyfriend Clause

Ethics and Government Transparency on the State Level to prevent Cronyism in elections and State business -- No More Pay to Play to get appointed on State boards and commissions

Economic Development and the need to Create a C-MSA (Combined Metropolitan Statistical Areas of Austin and San Antonio) and Creating a Greater Market Place that can Direct the types of Investments, Employers and Base Industries the Region Wants to Attract

Meet the challenge of Local Control changes by giving Counties a Greater Scope to Guide Land Use, Platting and Environmental Issues

Allowing Local School Districts to Solve their Problems Related to Bathrooms